Edzes offers technical training and clinical laboratory consulting services in all clinical laboratory specialties...

KAVIs Capacity

In collaboration with KENAS, we offer quality management systems assessment audits for baseline gap...

Program Evaluation

We are composed of a core team of technical experts including public health specialists, health policy specialists...

Professional Team

Our mentorship program closely adopts the SLMTA implementation approach where we initially conduct a pre-SLMTA...

Mentorship Program

Edzes Training Programs

We are team of SLMTA Trainers of Trainers (TOT) with an excellent teaching methodology of the SLMTA training tool kit. Our team is also composed of trained mentors in clinical laboratory practice, biosafety, understanding and implementing ISO 15189 standard and form part of the pool of KENAS assessors. We therefore offer training capacities in the following laboratory management systems and standards:

  • Understanding ISO 15189:2012 standard (special requirement for quality and competency in medical laboratories.
  • ISO 19011 (internal audit in medical laboratories)
  • ISO 15190 (Laboratory safety)
  • Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP) and management systems.
  • SLMTA workshops and mentorship